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SORACOM Funnel (Funnel) is a cloud resource adapter that sends data directly from devices to specified cloud services. Simply specifying the supported cloud services and the resources connected to the services using Funnel enables the input of data into the specified resources.

* Funnel is provided as a Public Beta service.

Features of Funnel

A cloud resource adapter specialized for cloud services

Funnel sends data directly from devices to cloud services. While it is similar to SORACOM Beam in hits mechanism, Funnel is a data sending service specialized for cloud services, providing "adapter" connection functionality for varied cloud services.

Conventionally, sending data from IoT devices to cloud services has required installation of an SDK on the IoT devices, or has required customers to set up servers to relay the data to cloud services. In addition, it has been necessary to keep key data, such as passwords for accessing cloud services, on the devices, posing security concerns.

Funnel enables the input of data into specified resources through the simple specification of supported cloud services and the resources to which those cloud services connect. Funnel eliminates the need to store passwords for cloud service access on devices, and allows customers to make speedy use of cloud services with minimal hassle.

As a Funnel adapter, it corresponds to the following.The Funnel adapter works the followings.

(*) Funnel Amazon Kinesis Video Stream Adapter (Funnel KVS) is offered as Limited Preview. Applications such as purpose of use, usage, and introduction time are required. Based on the application content, we will serve in order. You can use it for free during the Limited Preview period. (For the limited preview, please refer to the FAQ.)

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Funnel is compatible with the HTTP, TCP, and UDP protocols.
Devices are able to input data into cloud services through simple implementation of compatibility with these protocols.

Switching access points

With Funnel, the destination for sending information specified on IoT devices can be set to the Funnel endpoint (

Settings for connecting from Funnel to cloud services can be managed at the Air SIM group level by using Funnel's web console (user console) or by API.

As an example of what this functionality enables, when the switch from a test environment to production environment requires a change in a cloud service connection, the destination with which customers' IoT devices communicate can be changed all at once by a program using the API, or through Funnel's easy user console.

This eliminates the need of the past to individually reset every IoT device in a large deployment.

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