SORACOM vConnec Core

SORACOM vConnec Core (vConnec Core) provides mobile communication core network including packet exchange, bandwidth control, line management, customer management, cloud cooperation service as a service for mobile carriers (including MVNO operators).

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SORACOM vConnec Core

By using vConnec Core, mobile operators offering the IoT communication platform function are equipped with SORACOM Air, which can be used for building and operating an IoT / M2M system incorporating data communication, an interface such as user console and API , It will be possible to provide all services provided by SORACOM platform for end users.

Features of vConnec Core

Cloud native mobile communication core network

vConnec Core is a scalable and highly available cloud native design.

Since the core network part of data communication is implemented on the cloud, it is automatically scaled out when the load increases. Even if an event that suddenly increases the traffic of the entire network occurs, it can automatically respond to that load.
Also, because vConnec Core itself runs on the cloud, it also features a very high affinity with other cloud services.

Application services such as SORACOM Beam and SORACOM Funnel, network services such as SORACOM Canal and SORACOM Gate can be offered to end users.

Optimized for IoT / M2M

vConnec Core is optimized for IoT / M2M.
When leveraging data from tens of thousands and millions of devices from one device, vConnec Core offers a low cost and flexible data communication solution. You can provide end users with access at the necessary communication speed when necessary.

For IoT utilizing many devices and data, vConnec Core provides the following functions.

Also, vConnec Core is not limited to IoT / M2M. As the SORACOM platform is used by companies offering many prepaid SIM cards, the cloud native mobile communication core network and API can be applied to a wide range of applications.

Speed and economy

With vConnec Core's cloud native design, you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort to make significant upfront investments and operations on the mobile communications core network. You can quickly bring the service to market with less initial investment.


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SORACOM vConnec Core