Getting Started

Getting started with SORACOM

4 steps

Step 1: Purchase

The SORACOM Air SIM is your key to secure, scalable, cloud-native IoT.
Compatible with all SORACOM services, easily controlled via user console or API.
Order as many or as few as you need for everything from testing and prototyping to large-scale IoT deployments.You can purchase SORACOM SIM from

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Step 2: Register

Once your SIM card arrives, sign in to the User Console to register it. (When you perform this step, all of your SIM cards will be registered at once.)

To access the User Console, you must establish a SORACOM account, as described here:SORACOM Account Creation and Settings

Once you are registered with a valid AMEX, VISA, or MasterCard credit or debit card, you can begin transferring data!

Let's go ahead and create a SORACOM account
Creating a SORACOM account

Step 3: Setup

You can use an Air SIM in an unlocked (SIM-free) device.
Next we'll configure the settings.

In addition to smartphones and tablets, you can use a USB dongle to pass the Air SIM connection to your computer.

Step 4: Start

Once registration is complete, check to see that you have an Internet connection.

Turn your Wi-Fi or other communications settings off and verify that you are connected to the Air SIM network. Try using your web browser or other app to get online. Is it connected?

What to do next

Please refer to the Getting Started on Developer Sitefor more information about SORACOM services.