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SORACOM Lagoon (Lagoon) is a Create & share visual dashboards service.
Data collection and storage service You can create dashboards that combine multiple graphs, tables, maps, etc. according to the purpose for data collected in SORACOM Harvest and share them.

Customers can visualize data of IoT devices using a dashboard without preparing databases and infrastructure such as servers for creating dashboards such as applications for visualization. Also, when the value exceeds a certain value, you can share an alert function such as sending mail or create a dashboard to a third party.

* Lagoon is provided as a Public Beta service.
* For further information, please refer to developers site

Dashboard visualization combining various panels


Lagoon can easily create various reports (panels) such as graphs, tables, maps and lists. Customers can quickly create dashboards that contain multiple panels without having to provide a basis for visualization.
The data displayed on the Lagoon dashboard is the data accumulated in SORACOM Harvest. Although SORACOM Harvest can display simple graphs such as a single graph display and the horizontal axis is the time axis, Lagoon can use the dashboard for more advanced functions.

By selecting from the pull-down menu, you can select the value to display on the panel.

Alert setting

You can set a threshold for the data to be collected and set up alerts such as e-mail transmission, notification to LINE, Webhook and so on.
Customers can set thresholds as alerts, for example, to notify you when the temperature exceeds 20 degrees. You can also include reports as images in email and Webhook.


Share dashboard

The created dashboard can be shared with customers of third parties. Shared customers can check the data sent to Harvest through the dashboard without logging in to the Soracom console.

* For further information, please refer to developers site

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