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SORACOM Krypton (Krypton) is a secure provisioning service.
It is a service that securely realizes provisioning (initial setting) for connecting to various cloud services using SIM issued by SORACOM and SIM authentication platform built on the SORACOM platform.

* Krypton is provided as a "Public Beta". (Please find FAQfor Public Beta.)
* For more information, please refer toDeveloper guide

Secure provisioning based on SIM authentication

In the IoT system collecting various information from many devices, in order to perform secure communication between the device and the system infrastructure and the cloud service, the authentication information specific to the IoT device is secured in a manner not to be stolen from the outside It must be embedded. However, in order to realize this, consideration is required from the manufacturing process and design stage of the device, and the manufacturing cost and parts cost increase.

With Krypton, you can provision the configuration information on-demand to the device by using the SIM provided from SORACOM without setting the setting information for each device at the time of device shipment. By using Krypton, you can securely provision authentication information of cloud services such as AWS and setting information such as connection destination settings to devices authenticated by SIM.

As a result, it is possible to use a common firmware image that does not include information unique to each device, such as authentication information, at the time of device manufacturing, so applying best practices of IoT security without increasing the manufacturing cost of the device I can do it.

Provisioning authentication method using cellular line and SIM authentication

Krypton offers two kinds of provisioning authentication methods. One is a provisioning API call using SORACOM Air's cellular line and the other is SIM authentication using SORACOM Endorse.

Provision with cellular line

When calling the provisioning API using SORACOM Air's cellular line, upon receiving the initial setting request from the device, Krypton uses the authentication information of the cloud service set in advance in Solacom to substitute the initial setting of the cloud service on behalf of the device Then it returns the obtained setting information and authentication information to the device.
Devices can access each service directly using the obtained information.


Provision with SIM authentication

SIM authentication using SORACOM Endorse can authenticate using arbitrary access line using confidential information stored in SIM card and SIM authentication infrastructure of SORACOM side. By utilizing this feature, Krypton can provision using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, etc., if available. (Provisioning using SIM authentication is available for Global SIM Air SIM.)


Benefits of using Krypton

The merits of using Krypton are as follows.

* For more information, please refer toDeveloper guide

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