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SORACOM Junction

SORACOM Junction (Junction) is a traffic flow management service.

* Junction is provided as a "Public Beta". (Please find FAQfor Public Beta.)
* For more information, please refer toGetting Started

traffic flow management

Junction provides 3 functions; inspection, mirroring, and redirection of packets, passing through Virtual Private Gateways (VPG).

The user can monitor and identify the status of data traffic based on the statistical traffic information. Also the user can apply different rules based on the application incorporating 3rd party services or implementing own services.


Mirroring function copies and sends packets to specified address passing through the VPG.
This capability makes it potentially reduce the risk of threat for Iot device(s) by including an intrusion detection or warning engines in the mirroring address for example.

SORACOM Junction Mirroring

Mirroring function can cooperate with solutions provided by participants in the Soracom Partner Space (SPS).
Beginning July 5, "Trend Micro Virtual Network Function Suite" provided by Trend Micro Co., Ltd. will be available for trial. Pleasecontact here.

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Redirection function makes it possible to customize data routing so that a packet passing through the user's VPG always passes through a specified server.
For example, users can specify an engine that controls traffic to prioritize sensor data and alerts by narrowing down the bands of file distribution and firmware downloading, or permit only communication of a specific application based on business rules or policy.

SORACOM Junction Redirection


Inspection function analyzes packets passing through the VPG and provides application discrimination and reporting of the statistical information. This packet analysis can be used to visualize the communication destinations of IoT devices and identify main access destinations for personal / corporate communication services. Packet statistics information can be sent to the customer's designated address including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

SORACOM Junction Inspection

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