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SORACOM Inventory

SORACOM Inventory (Inventory) is an IoT device management service.

* Endorse is provided as a Public Beta.

IoT device management service

Inventory provides a framework for an IoT device management based on OMA LightweightM2M (LwM2M) protocol and enables auto-registration. of the IoT devices utilizing SORACOM Air.

LwM2M is a protocol from the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) for M2M or IoT device management.
Inventory communicate between the device(s) and SORACOM Platform utilizing this protocol.

On top of the connectivity management provided by SORACOM Air, Inventory makes it possible to remotely manage the status and setting of individual IoT devices, issuing commands, or updating firmwares.
This allows customers to remotely manage the IoT device(s) without preparing own device management servers/configurations.

Auto-registration of the IoT devices utilizing SORACOM Air

Inventory achieves the remote device management by running a LwM2M agent on the device side.
Typically device management service requires, the device registration and key exchange, Inventory enables auto-registration of the IoT devices utilizing SORACOM Air. It does not require storing the key on the device side.

SORACOM Inventory

The device(s) connected via Gateway can benefits the auto-registration.

SORACOM Inventory

Agents in the following language is available;

Cloud collaboration using SORACOM service

You can link the SORACOM application service with notification when there is a change in the value on the device side. For example, you can observe the intensity of radio field by observing the radio field intensity and sending it to SORACOM Harvest.
Moreover, by using SORACOM Beam, SORACOM Funnel, it is possible to send data to your server and cloud service.

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