SORACOM Harvest Usage Pricing

Pricing Structure

Harvest's pricing structure is charged according to the number of write requests. Initial fee, basic charge is not necessary.

Basic Fee



Write request: Up to 2000 requests per day, 0.05 USD per day per SIM
If it exceeds 2000 times in one day, 0.00004 USD per request

(*) Customers who are considering using Harvest to transmit data at short intervals (eg 1 request per second), please contact us from here

Free Allowance

Harvest offers free usage targets for new customers.
For the 12 months from the month of creating the SORACOM account (including the month when you created the account), we will charge 2000 requests per day for 1 SIM card per account for free every month.

In addition, we will not reduce the fee even if it is less than the free frame of each month. Also, the extra free usage frame at the end of the month will not be carried over to the next month.

Payment Methods

We accept credit cards, as well as invoice-based payments for corporate customers.