SORACOM Gate Method of Use and Pricing

Gate Method of Use

You can use the user console or API to configure SORACOM Gate (referred to as Gate below).
In order to start using it, you need to follow the broad steps below:

  1. Create Virtual Private Gateway (VPG) and setup SORACOM Canal / Direct / Door environment
  2. Set up hosts or AWS instances for Gate and configure L2 network.
  3. enable Gate on VPG.

Please referSORACOM Gate Getting Startedfor details.

Fee Structure

Gate's fees are comprised of three elements: a setup fee, a basic fee, and a SORACOM Air VPG usage option.

Setup Fee
VPG set up fee depends on type of VPG.

Type-C only supports SORACOM Canal. Type-D supports SORACOM Canal / Direct / Door. (Note: Type C does not support VPN or leased line.)

Basic Fee
VPG usage fee depends on type of VPG.

SORACOM Air VPG Usage Option
Number of SIMs that belong to the Air SIM group assigned to the VPG: 0.05 USD per SIM card per day (excl. tax)

Payment Methods

We accept credit cards.
If you have any questions, pleasecontact us.