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SORACOM Gate (Gate) is a service providing LAN connections between IoT devices connected to SORACOM Air. Using this service allows you to remotely connect to devices in a secure fashion, as well as communicate between devices.

Virtual L2 connection

Gate connects a customer's host via the Layer 2 (L2) tunneling protocol to aVirtual Private Gateway (VPG). This allows you to assign devices to the same L2 subnet as that of device groups connected to SORACOM Air.
VPG, customer's hosts and devices can communicate via private IP addresses without restriction from NAT or firewall because those are in same subnet.


Direct device access and access between devices

Using Gate allows you to access device groups within a closed network infrastructure.
Communication between devices is also supported. This includes devices on your host, as well as between devices connected to the same VPG and using SORACOM Air.

For example, you may want to access a device's shell for maintenance purposes and connect via peer-to-peer to directly relay stream data from a camera. This lets you achieve these goals and more without the need to assign a global IP address to the devices in question.

Assigning static IP addresses to devices

Specifying an IP address range or IMSI allows you to assign static IP addresses.

Virtual Private Gateway

Gate uses Virtual Private Gateway (VPG).
For details on VPG, please refer toVirtual Private Gateway (VPG) function details for developers site.

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