SORACOM Funnel Usage Pricing

Pricing Structure

Funnel fees are structured in a completely pay-per-use basis depending on the number of requests sent via Funnel. There is no need to pay for an initial fee or basic fee.

Basic Fee



0.000018 USD (excl. tax) per request (*)

(*) Requests from Funnel to forwarding cloud service destinations are all counted individually as one request.

Please contact us here if you are considering using Funnel to send data at short intervals (one request per second, etc.).

Free Allowance

SORACOM Funnel provides a free allowance for new customers.
For the 12 months starting from the month that you create your SORACOM account (including the month when the account is created), each account is granted 50,000 free requests every month. However, if the number of requests is below 50,000, any remaining requests cannot be carried over to the following month.

Payment Methods

We accept credit cards, as well as invoice-based payments for corporate customers.