SORACOM Door Method of Use and Pricing

Method of Use

Customers may make use of SORACOM Door by making an application.
You will need to have the following information ready in order to make your application:

  1. Apply for Door
    • Apply for use of the Door service here.We will ask for your information and other pertinent details required for establishing a VPN connection.
    • Please refer to this list of routers supportedby AWS for VPN connections.
  2. Based on the nature of your application, we will make preparations on the SORACOM end.
    • Once preparations are complete, you will be notified with information for connecting to the VPN.
    • SORACOM will send you the settings data you need to establish a connection.
  3. Please follow those details and configure your VPN settings.
    • Follow Step 2 to configure your VPN settings.
  4. Next, set Air SIM group settings.
    • Specify the VPG in question for the Air SIM group using Door.

This concludes the Door setup.

Fee structure

The Door fee structure comprises three parts: setup fees (creation of the Door architecture), base fees, and SORACOM Air VPG optional fees (based on number of SIM cards in a Door group).

Setup/Configuration Change Costs
Virtual Private Gateway setup: 98 USD each time

Basic Fee
Virtual Private Gateway usage fee: 3 USD per hour (excl. tax)
Virtual Private Network usage fee: 0.1 USD per hour per VPN connection (excl. tax)

SORACOM Air VPG Usage Option
Number of SIMs that belong to the Direct Air SIM group: 0.05 USD per SIM card per day (excl. tax)

(Option) VPG fixed global IP address option
0.15 USD per hour (excl. tax)
This function is an option service of VPG.
To start using this option, please click here


Payments are processed by credit card or by invoice to corporate entities.
If you are a corporate entity and wish to pay by invoice, please apply here.


Please be aware of the following points when using Door.

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