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SORACOM Door (Door) enables a dedicated virtual connection from SORACOM to your system.

*Door is offered as a limited preview. (Please refer to theFAQfor details on the limited preview.)

Dedicated virtual connection service

SORACOM Door is a service providing dedicated virtual connections from SORACOM to client systems.
For a physical service offering dedicated connections, please refer toSORACOM Direct.Private connections to customer systems on AWS can be achieved through use of VPC pairing between Amazon VPCs. Please refer toSORACOM Canalfor details.

Door utilizes the Virtual Private Network (VPN) functionality provided by AWS to connect to external systems. It provides a dedicated virtual connection from SORACOM's systems on AWS to on-premises and other cloud-based client systems.


Connections to customer systems made through Door are made through private IP addresses on Air SIMs, creating a closed network directly from the device to your system.

As withSORACOM CanalandSORACOM Direct, Door provides a private network connection with other systems. These services can be used to create a closed network with existing systems and data centers and build a secure architecture that supports mobile 3G/LTE connections.

Virtual Private Gateway

Door utilizes Virtual Private Gateways (VPG). Connections are made to each VPG by way of dedicated access points. Users can also set whether a VPG connection is routed over the Internet or solely through the specified access point.

Use of VPGs also allows for optimizing access to SORACOM Beam and NAT processing to match the user's network architecture. For example, Beam allows for relaxing throttling restrictions (used to limit the number of simultaneous connections).

VPG fixed global IP address option

With our new VPG option setting, you can now configure the fixed source IP address going out to the Internet
This allows you to easily configure access control on IoT backend systems by adding IP address based rules. When Accessing from an Air SIM in a given group with VPG and this option enabled, it always communicates through one of the two global IP addresses as its source IP address. Even if the number of Air SIMs in the same Air SIM group increase, all of the traffic from this group still goes out from the same two source IP addresses. This makes your access control against your Air SIM group extremely easier.

Also, if you are using SORACOM Beam, the source IP address from Beam will also be from this IP address. This way, you know where Beam traffic comes from and can also make it easier to write an access rule against it. (This does not apply to Beam source IP address with Air for LoRaWAN or Air for Sigfox.)


Please refer to the following precautions for use of Door.

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