SORACOM Direct Method of Use and Pricing

Method of Use

Customers may make use of SORACOM Direct by making an application.

  1. Please clickhereto make an application. You will need to have the following information ready in order to make your application:
    • Customer information
      • Company information (company name, address)
      • Point of contact information (name, e-mail address, telephone number)
    • SORACOM account information and usage information
      • SORACOM account operator ID
      • SORACOM account e-mail address
      • Purpose of use (any necessary background information, etc.), target system (use cases) overview
      • Planned implementation timescales
    • Information related to Direct
      • Whether or not you have network redundancy (we do recommend having redundancy)
      • Whether or not you are using a private BGP ASN
  2. SORACOM makes all necessary preparations based on the information provided in your application.
  3. Once preparations are completed, we will send you the information below to allow you to connect with AWS Direct Connect:

    • AWS account ID of connection destination
    • VPC ID of connection destination
    • VLAN ID to be used for the connection
    • IP address range to be used between the routers (example:
    • BGP ASN (if using a private BGP ASN)
  4. Please use the information provided in step 2 to configure AWS Direct Connect's VIF.
  5. Once SORACOM accepts the connection from Direct Connect, we will send you the Virtual Private Gateway (VPG) ID of the newly created Direct environment, so please keep it in a safe place. (This VPG ID is used for the Air SIM group configuration.)

You are now ready to use Direct.

Pricing Structure

Direct's fee structure is comprised of three elements: a setup fee (fee for building the Direct environment), a basic fee, and a SORACOM Air VPG usage option (number of SIMs that belong to the Direct group).

Setup/Configuration Change Costs
Virtual Private Gateway setup: 98 USD each time

Basic Fee
Virtual Private Gateway usage fee: 3 USD per hour (excl. tax)
Virtual Interface usage fee: 0.1 USD per hour (excl. tax)

SORACOM Air VPG Usage Option
Number of SIMs that belong to the Direct Air SIM group: 0.05 USD per SIM card per day (excl. tax)

(Option) VPG fixed global IP address option
0.15 USD per hour (excl. tax)
This function is an option service of VPG.
To start using this option, please click here

Payment Methods

We accept credit cards, as well as invoice-based payments for corporate customers.


Please be aware of the following points when using Direct.

Implementation Inquiries

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