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SORACOM Direct ("Direct") is a dedicated connection service that enables direct communication between SORACOM and clients' systems.

* Direct is being offered as a limited Preview.

Features of Direct

Dedicated connection

SORACOM Direct is a system that establishes a direct connection from SORACOM's servers to client systems hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
This private connection between SORACOM and client systems on AWS makes use of VPC peering to connection Amazon VPCs. For details, refer to SORACOM Canal.

Direct makes use of the Direct Connect service provided by AWS. Direct Connect has main access nodes in Tokyo and Osaka and offers direct access to AWS. Direct utilizes these services to connect on-premises systems and systems on other cloud services with SORACOM's own systems on AWS.


Customers connecting via Direct are, as with SORACOM Canal, able to connect via a private IP address through an Air SIM. This creates a closed tunnel between the device and the client's system.

Both SORACOM Canal and SORACOM Direct offer a private networking environment with other systems. Using these systems allows for a closed tunnel to existing systems and data centers, creating a secure telecommunications architecture that can make use of 3G and LTE.

Virtual Private Gateway

Direct offers a Virtual Private Gateway (VPG). Each VPG connects to a specified access point. VPGs can be configured to specify Internet routing tables and connection to a given access point.

VPG also enables the optimization of connections for clients using SORACOM Beam and NAT processing. For example, Beam throttling (restrictions on multiple connections) can be eased.

VPG fixed global IP address option

With our new VPG option setting, you can now configure the fixed source IP address going out to the Internet
This allows you to easily configure access control on IoT backend systems by adding IP address based rules. When Accessing from an Air SIM in a given group with VPG and this option enabled, it always communicates through one of the two global IP addresses as its source IP address. Even if the number of Air SIMs in the same Air SIM group increase, all of the traffic from this group still goes out from the same two source IP addresses. This makes your access control against your Air SIM group extremely easier.

Also, if you are using SORACOM Beam, the source IP address from Beam will also be from this IP address. This way, you know where Beam traffic comes from and can also make it easier to write an access rule against it. (This does not apply to Beam source IP address with Air for LoRaWAN or Air for Sigfox.)


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