SORACOM Canal Method of Use and Pricing

Method of Use

To use SORACOM Canal (referred to as Canal below), there is no need for you to make a special application. You can use the user console or API to configure it. In order to start using it, you need to follow the broad steps below:

  1. Create a VPC using your AWS account.
  2. Create a Virtual Private Gateway (VPG) using the SORACOM user console.
  3. Add a VPC peer connection to the newly created VPG.
  4. Assign a group to the newly created VPG.

Fee Structure

Canal's fees are comprised of three elements: a setup fee, a basic fee, and a SORACOM Air VPG usage option.

Setup Fee
VPG setup fee: 9.8 USD each time (excl. tax)

Basic Fee
VPG usage fee: 0.5 USD per hour (excl. tax)
VPC peer connection usage fee: 0.1 USD per hour per peer connection (excl. tax)

SORACOM Air VPG Usage Option
Number of SIMs that belong to the Air SIM group assigned to the VPG: 0.05 USD per SIM card per day (excl. tax)

Payment Methods

We accept credit cards, as well as invoice-based payments for corporate customers.


Please be aware of the following points when using Canal.

Implementation Inquiries