SORACOM Beam (“Beam”) is a service that enables you to offload the high-load processes resulting from device encryptions into the cloud and to set up their destination. By using Beam, you can easily manage your IoT devices anytime and anywhere through the cloud. You do not need to directly set up large numbers of devices.

Features of Beam

Secure uploads and downloads using encryption

Sending and receiving sensitive information through IoT devices need to go through an encryption process, but sometimes it is difficult to do so with the limited resources on IoT devices. In these situations, the encryption can be done using SORACOM resources.
By using Beam, it will do what your device has difficulty doing, i.e., encrypt communication between your devices and your server for you.

With Beam, when uploading data from your IoT device, the data will be sent to the end point in Beam through a closed 3G/LTE network. The data emerging from Beam will be encrypted so that you can deliver it to your server safely and securely.


More specifically, TLS (Transport Layer Security) is used between Beam and your server, and the data is encrypted during both data upload and data download (data communication between Beam endpoint and your server).
Through TLS, besides encryption of information, peer connection (to check whether your server has been spoofed by a malicious third party) and detection of information tampering (to check whether the data has been rewritten intentionally by a malicious third party) are also possible.

In this way, you can encrypt any data communication of IoT devices that do not support data encryption due to CPU and power limits. Complicated processes like certificate management and responses to vulnerabilities can be offloaded to the cloud and the encrypted data can be easily used.

Currently, Beam supports the following protocol conversions.

Before conversion After conversion

With Beam, you are freed from these problems and can focus on the real issues that need to be tackled.

Switching connection destinations

Your IoT device can be set up to send data to Beam.
Information from Beam to your server can be set to different Air SIM destination groups using Beam’s Web console (user console) or API.


With this, by simply using the Beam user console or the Beam API, you can change the communication destinations of your device all at once.

There is no more need to re-set up all the deployed IoT devices one-by-one.

Connecting to the cloud service

By directing the data destination of your IoT to a cloud service using Beam, you can easily use the cloud services via your device.


In the past, to use a cloud service, it was necessary to install an SDK onto your IoT device or to set up a server for relaying data to the cloud service on your own. In addition, to access the cloud service, important information like passwords were held by the device, which raised security concerns.

By using Beam, data communication from IoT devices which cannot be directly used on a cloud service will be converted and this will make it possible for the user to connect to various cloud services. In the case of using a cloud service access point like Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can communicate using the AWS internal network without passing through the internet.

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