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September 13th, 2017

SORACOM to provide IoT starter kit featuring Seeed Studio

New kit provides essential hardware and connectivity for a wide range of IoT projects

San Francisco, CA — Today at the inaugural Mobile World Congress Americas, Soracom, Inc., the leading platform provider of cloud-native connectivity built specifically for the requirements of the Internet of Things, announced pre-order availability of its new IoT Starter Kit in partnership with Seeed Studio.

The pre-configured IoT Starter Kit includes a Soracom SIM for over-the-air connectivity and a Seeed Studio Wio Tracker as a base for projects..

The SORACOM Air service delivers pay-as-you go connectivity designed for IoT development. Users also get access to a wide range of cloud-native services tailored for IoT use cases, including protocol conversion, data management and visualization, and adapters for direct connection to leading clouds such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

Seeed Studio’s Wio Tracker is an Arduino IDE-compatible single board that speeds solution development, smoothes GPS integration, and offers an onboard SIM slot for over-the-air connectivity. Wio Tracker's ample Grove connections support a wide range of sensor plug-ins, and available 2G and LTE versions make it ideal for IoT starter projects. At the same time, a wide range of available I/O libraries offer a path toward full-scale application development.

"Soracom is excited to offer the IoT developer community a cutting-edge board that meets their needs all the way from initial protoyping through shipment," stated Kenta Yasukawa, Soracom CTO and co-founder. "Pairing Seeed Studio’s innovative hardware and go-to-market know-how with Soracom cellular connectivity gives us a great opportunity to help developers bring their IoT projects to life. "

"We designed the Wio Tracker to ensure compatibility with everything from GPS and Bluetooth to LTE and Arduino," said Erin Linke, US General Manager of Seeed Studio. "It fulfills the vast majority of requirements in today's IoT market and pairing it with Soracom’s cloud-native connectivity platform will help our users accelerate the time from prototype to full-scale deployment."

Advance reservations for the IoT Starter Kit featuring Seeed Studio Wio LTE will be available in the Soracom website beginning September 13, 2017. For details and registration, visit

About SORACOM– Soracom is the market-leading platform for cloud-native IoT connectivity. We provide customers and partners across industries with the tools they need to connect, protect, control and coordinate their IoT deployments at speed and at scale. More than 6,000 customers worldwide now rely on Soracom solutions to bring cutting-edge IoT use cases from concept to market.

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Company Name: SORACOM, INC.
CEO: Ken Tamagawa
Headquarters: Oshima Bldg. 3F, Tamagawa 4-5-6,
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

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