SORACOM Overview

What is SORACOM?

The IoT platform SORACOM provides SIMs (subscriber identity modules) for data transmission as an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). The platform also provides integrated mobile communications and cloud services, giving it the following characteristics:

Characteristics of SORACOM

SORACOM delivers IoT/M2M (machine-to-machine) “connection” at low initial costs

There is no escaping the challenge of data transmission in bringing IoT/M2M to fruition. While there are various means of communication including wired LAN, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), and Bluetooth, mobile data transmission is optimal for IoT/M2M in terms of coverage, accessibility, and security. Using LTE/3G lines as a means of communication, SORACOM enables the “connection” of IoT/M2M.


While LTE and 3G provide mobile data transmission that is optimal as the means of communication for IoT/M2M, initial investments and service fees have conventionally been high and it was a hassle to change contract details frequently with issues such as constraints on service terms.
Many plans assume usage by smartphones, which are geared toward people. For instance, plans would incorporate a minimum of 1 GB-worth of data in the base fee and be configured with downstream speeds of several Mbps to a few dozen Mbps — speed settings that prevent complete use on IoT/M2M devices.

The SORACOM platform features bare-bones base fees and data transmission service fees.
Without service fees for data transmission being included in the base fee, the data transmission that you use is available on a pay-as-you-go basis, thereby enabling you to avoid unnecessary costs.

SORACOM allows you to monitor and manage your IoT/M2M devices and facilitates the operation of the devices and communications.

With IoT/M2M, the number of connecting devices will rise dramatically. Several thousands, several tens of thousands, and in some circumstances, hundreds of millions of devices will be connecting. With the rise in connecting devices, rather than just communication costs, maintenance and operation of the devices and state of transmission will become critical. For example, changing the configuration of innumerable devices one-by-one in order to change a destination or checking remotely-located IoT/M2M devices to sort out a problem impose costs and labor.

With SORACOM, you can start, pause, and resume data transmission on your own, change the speed of transmission, monitor the state of transmission such as whether it is offline or online, and monitor the amount of data used through the user console in a web browser or via the API.


This enables, for example, the communication of numerous IoT devices in remote locations to be centrally configured. Whenever there is a problem, you can sort out the issue by checking from the user console whether communication is happening to begin with.

By embedding it in business systems and the like via the API, SORACOM also enables the automation of data transmission management.

SORACOM enables you to build secure IoT/M2M systems

Leveraging SORACOM, you can perform encryption processing using SORACOM resources. This does not place any load on your IoT/M2M devices. You can configure you certificates and passwords from the SORACOM console.

We also provide private connection services and leased line connection services. Taking advantage of these services allows you to build an IoT system without exposing it to the Internet.