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The SORACOM Global Air SIM is your key to secure, scalable, cloud-native IoT.
Easy to activate, with real-time control via web console and API and full access to SORACOM's complete suite of cloud connectivity services for IoT.

Order as many or as few as you need for everything from testing and prototyping to large-scale IoT deployments


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8 USD 18 USD 25 USD 1-pack 3-pack 5-pack

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7 GBP 14 GBP 20 GBP 1-pack 3-pack 5-pack 1-pack 3-pack 5-pack 1-pack 3-pack 5-pack

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MS2131i-8 HSPA+ USB Stick

MS2131i-8 HSPA+ USB Stick (hereinafter referred to as the MS2131i-8) is a high-speed packet access plus (HSPA+) universal serial bus (USB) modem.

MS2131i-8 HSPA+ USB Stick

The MS2131i-8 mainly supports the following features:

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Product Price(Tax not included)
MS2131i-8 HSPA+ USB Stick $ 50

Please refer to the Getting Started on Developer Sitefor more information about SORACOM services.