What is IoT?
The Internet of Things(IoT) is the concept where “things” such as vehicles, home appliances, factory equipments and even animals are connected to intelligence on cloud and exchange information over the network.. More Detail
What is SORACOM?
The cloud-connectivity-as-a-service platform, SORACOM provides cellular enabled SIM and LPWA platform, and connect things directly to cloud services of your choice. More Detail
Wide range of SORACOM platform capabilities
IoT/M2M (Machine to Machine) connectivity at low initial costs
Automation and device/connectivity management using user console and API
Various services to enhance network/device security
Already proven IoT solutions provided as a service
IoT is changing many industries.
Over 9,000 customers are using SORACOM.
Personal mobility reinvented. GPS data and remote diagnostics with minimal power usage and communications load.
Nationwide network of portable radiation sensors. Replaced a complex network of outsourced services with a single platform: SORACOM.
Always-on wireless video security without the bandwidth penalty. Sophisticated use case taking full advantage of SORACOM APIs and secure networking capability.

We regularly hold IoT workshops in many parts of the world introducing variety of SORACOM solutions to kickstart a cool IoT project with some hands on examples.

Easy to get started with SORACOM
If you purchase a SIM card or device from our User Console, you can get started immediately and get things connected.

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